Current Academic Calendar

The University reserves the right to correct typographical errors or to adjust the Academic Calendar at any time it deems necessary.

Fall and Spring Half-Terms

Some courses at Boston College may rely on half-term dates for the fall and spring semesters.




Summer 2023 Dates and Deadlines

  • 5/29/23: Memorial Day—No classes
  • 6/19/23: Juneteenth—No classes
  • 7/4/23: Independence Day—No classes
TermClasses StartClasses EndAdd, Drop, and Change Grading Option DeadlineWithdraw Deadline
Full Summer5/17/20238/18/20235/23/20238/11/2023
Summer 15/17/20236/28/20235/23/20236/21/2023
Summer 26/29/20238/11/20237/5/20238/4/2023
Summer 35/23/20237/14/20235/29/20237/7/2023
Summer 45/17/20236/30/20235/23/20236/23/2023
Summer 56/26/20237/16/20236/28/20237/9/2023
Summer 67/17/20238/7/20237/19/20237/31/2023
Summer 77/5/20238/18/20237/11/20238/11/2023
Summer 85/17/20237/27/20235/23/20237/20/2023
Summer 97/10/20238/25/20237/17/20238/18/2023
Summer 105/19/20236/27/20236/1/20236/16/2023
Summer 117/5/20238/13/20237/13/20238/3/2023
Ad HocsAs NeededAs NeededAd hoc terms must add/drop by second class meeting—see your Associate Dean’s officeAd hoc terms must withdraw no later than second to last class meeting—see your Associate Dean’s office